The 7 Manifest Money Signs of the Universe Revealed


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Everything That is Exists as Energy
and Vibration

Everything in the universe is interconnected. Everything that is exists as
energy and vibration, even our thoughts and emotions.

This is the basis of the law of attraction – the law of matching the frequency of the reality you desire, in order to attract it.

Now what if that means the universe is in constant communication with us? Most of us have at some point, lifted our heads to the sky and asked 7 Sacred Signs From The Universe for something, be it a prayer, a wish, a miracle.

In that instant we are acknowledging a power greater than ourselves. Even if we are simply saying “what should I do next? Please help me get this job, or help me decide which course of action to take etc”. We are in effect expressing a desire for help, a wish for a sign, a hope for some kind of ‘divine intervention’ that will guide us on the right path.


Expect The Universe to Provide Answers

How many of us actually expect a response? The reality is that the
universe is providing us with answers all the time, it’s just that so many people are moving through life with their eyes essentially closed to the sacred signs that manifest in response to our requests.

Tap Into All the Magical Ways the
Universe Speaks to Us

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to tap into all the magical ways that the 
universe speaks to us? When you know how, you can listen, see and video and see how you can cash in on money that you SHOULD be receiving right now (but are blocking because you haven’t done this yet) interpret the hidden guide posts that exist all around us, there to help direct us along our spiritual paths as we attempt to manifest our dreams.

The sacred signs from the universe appear to us through many different avenues. These might be in the form of specific number patterns, animals or birds, songs, symbols, dreams, repetitive experiences or gut feelings, objects that appear placed in our way or books that seem to jump out at us.  The universe is always speaking but not with words, with vibrations, translated to us as feelings. So when you see what you may think is a sign, pay attention to how it resonates with you on a gut level.

When signs come in the form of numbers for example, these each hold a specific vibration. The number 11.11 has recently become increasingly widespread as an accepted sign of alignment and spiritual awakening. It’s often the first number sequence that people start to see and as such is like a little wink from the universe that you are headed on the right spiritual path.

The Universe Will Always Try to Get
the Message to You

The key to knowing when a sign is before you, lies in a willingness to
surrender your question with faith and believe that the universe will provide. Sometimes signs are there to emphasize that you are on the right path, or that you need to pause and take stock, possibly choosing a different course of action.

It may not be extremely obvious at first, but remember the universe will always try to get the message to you for your highest good. What starts as a whisper may grow to a shout if you are not hearing the call. Perhaps a huge life change is upon you but you are not open to seeing the small signs at first. They may come as minor nudges in the form of a parking ticket or a small illness. If you don’t heed the signs, they may get bigger, and something more dramatic could happen.

This does not have to be a negative thing! The universe knows that wonderful new beginnings come from chaos and that the catalyst for change is often borne out of challenge. But wouldn’t you prefer to hear the whispers before the shout? Rather than feel overwhelmed or out of control, realize that you have the power within you to ask the universe for what you want and learn to listen and interpret the answer. 


Surrender Control and Ask the
Universe for Guidance

If you are wondering about anything in your life, be it your relationships,
career, health or anything at all, you can simply surrender control and ask the universe for guidance.  This is an incredible way to boost your manifestations as you look for encouragement that you are in alignment with all you have asked for.

It’s so important not to ask from a place of anxiety or fear, on the contrary what’s required is a passionate enthusiasm and genuine curiosity.

Remember you are not trying to force anything to happen, you want a sign to appear and flow effortlessly into your life.  The universe is as loud as you are willing to listen, so don’t miss the signs that are waiting for you.

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